The RH Bill: The debate continues

This week alone, there were 2 newborns abandoned by their mothers, left for dead. I just can’t help but think that maybe, if the mother was knowledgeable, had access, and was able to make decisions re the use of contraceptives, or if the father used a condom, then maybe we won’t see too many babies die such a senseless death? But then again, it can also be argued that the date of death was just changed to “before conception” from “after birth” (or “after conception” if aborted). But it shouldn’t really matter when life starts, medically, that is. If we prevent that from happening, then we’re not really doing anything immoral, right? But the church argues that if we prevent the ovum and the sperm from meeting, then we are already committing murder. This debate can go on and on, and meanwhile the number of fetuses, babies and kids dying because of abortion, abandonment, physical abuse, hunger, malnutrition etc. etc., will continue to grow. Personally, I believe that it’s the parents’ responsibility to provide a child with food, shelter, education, love, and protection. If one cannot provide such, then he needs to be responsible enough to be protected. 


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