Aftermath of the Tsunami

I found it hard to get myself to write about the devastation that engulfed Japan.  It was just too distressing…the desolTsunami, Japan Tsunami, Sendaiation, the despondency… Houses and villages have washed off from the Tsunami that hit Sendai and the Northern Coast of  Japan after the 8.9 earthquake on Friday, March 11, leaving a trail of ruins every which way you look.

Vehicles overturned, and crumpled like cardboard…bodies continue to surface at the coastline.   The official death toll, according to Yahoo! News, is now close to 1,900…with more waiting to be accounted for.

As if that’s not enough, nuclear reactors (continue to) blow up, leaving a gripping fear evoking Chernobyl

(NHK World currently flashing breaking news:  BLAST HEARD AT NO. 2 REACTOR).

Images of the disaster paint a grim picture and it can be surmised that recovery is not forthcoming, not as soon as we want it to be.


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