Plastic Botlles = Polyester Fleece

Here’s another good thing that cam come out of those plastic (PET)  bottles.

Do you know that Fleece is made out of recycled plastic bottles?

The process of  making fleece from plastic bottles takes several steps.


The clear plastic bottles are first separated from the colored ones (usually green), sterilized, and then cut into tiny little pieces or “chips”.  Several more processes ensures that the chips are free from dust, label and other non-PET elements.


Clean and dry chips are then heated and melted @ 250 degrees Celcius, and the melted recycled plastic is mixed with virgin plastic.  The mixture goes into a “spinneret” and what comes out is a hard thread or “tow”, which feels very much like a floss.


The tow is then wrapped around a pre-warmed spool  for drawing, where the strands are stretched to double its original size.  This is then is finished – dried and cut into desired length, which is now similar to wool texture.  It is then rolled into balls of fleece yarn, dyed and woven together to produce fleece material. It’s now ready to be turned into sweaters, blankets, slippers and other fleece products.

Lara chants: GREEN! GREEN! GREEN!


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