The #1 best protein for your health (and the worst to avoid) – Food on Shine


“Science shows that eliminating or cutting back on meat may improve blood pressure, decrease your risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol and help better manage your weight.”


“The United Nations recently determined that livestock is one of the top contributors to the world’s most serious environmental problems. Going meatless can reduce water pollution, waste and greenhouse gases, and save energy, land and water.”


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One response to “EAT HEALTHY, EAT GREEN!

  1. Jill

    This article is based largely on myths and marketing, not science. The idea that egg consumption should be limited because of the fat or cholesterol content has no scientific validity whatsoever. The author makes vague references to a link between meats and heart disease — a popular belief in the U.S. but nothing more than that. Our killer diseases are clearly related to our consumption of refined oils and sugars. It is absurd to put the blame on our most nutritious farm foods.

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