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What is life?

what is life? Is it just the state of being alive? Do you plant flowers and just leave them be? Is it better to bring a child into this world and subject them to abuse, physically, emotionally, psychologically?

A doctor noted that the child had many bruises on her body. He asked the mother if she beat her child and she said yes.Further medical examination showed the child died of shock due to massive cerebral hemorrhage, internal hemorrhage, multiple hematoma to strong traumatic force and external hemorrhage due to multiple wounds in the different parts of the body.

Do you like seeing children on the streets sniffing their rugby? Do you give to those who come up the jeepneys and wipe your shoes for a few centavos?

Before you say you are pro-life, think hard about what LIFE really is. Because children are being brought into this world day by day, only to suffer for their parents’ inadequacies to rear them and rear them well; who can’t even provide the basics..

clothes on their back,

food for their body and mind,

shelter to keep them safe and warm.

Would God be happy that their parents did not plan their family?  Would God be mad if they had the mind to prevent this from happening?  Not by abortion, but simply PLANNING.

I do not advocate abortion, CERTAINLY NOT!  What I want is for people to:

1. be aware that they have a CHOICE and be educated  enough to make an INFORMED CHOICE

2.  be aware of their rights to have access to family planning information and services

3. be aware that they OWE their child (among others):

a. a right to be born well

b. well-rounded development of his personality to the end that he may become a happy, useful and active member of society.

c.  a balanced diet, adequate clothing, sufficient shelter, proper medical attention, and all the basic physical requirements of a healthy and vigorous life.

d.  full opportunities for safe and wholesome recreation and activities, individual as well as social, for the wholesome use of his leisure hours.

The Child is one of the most important assets of the nation. Every effort should be exerted to promote his welfare and enhance his opportunities for a useful and happy life.

4. be aware that they are criminally liable if they (among others):

a. abandon the child under such circumstances as to deprive him of the love, care and protection he needs.

b. neglect the child by not giving him the education which the family’s station in life and financial conditions permit.

c. improperly exploit the child by using him, directly or indirectly, such as for purposes of begging and other acts which are inimical to his interest and welfare

d. inflict cruel and unusual punishment upon the child or deliberately subjects him to indignation and other excessive chastisement that embarrass or humiliate him.


I am pro-life – the LIFE that let’s children be children, and allows them to flourish and achieve their full potential by providing them with their needs, supporting their endeavors, sheltering them from harm, and protecting their rights.

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The Reproductive Health Bill (again!)

Today’s POSTCRIPT made me smile.  For all the debate against and for RH bill, what’s really missing is the most important part: knowing what the RH bill is all about!  As Mr. Pascual put it, you can only have an intelligent debate if you’re arguing based on what you have learned reading the ENTIRE RH bill.

The RH bill is 15 pages long.  It’s not a lot to read if you’re trying to argue why this bill should be made into a law or not.  Unfortunately, most arguments come from only reading, or knowing snippets of the document, mostly only what those with interest are willing to share in order to get you to their side.

The RH bill is more than just giving out free condoms and contraceptives.  There’s also using taxpayer’s money to buy them. But why the strong resistance to doing that?  The free condoms and contraceptives can make those who cannot afford them be responsible about planning their family.  If they planned their family, the whole economy benefits!  That means those who paid their taxes get to reap the rewards of slowing down the population growth as well.  I believe everybody will agree that a 600,000 increase in population in just 4 months is too much for a country struggling to get its bearings.

It’s not even about abortion, except the Church has a different meaning of abortion from healthcare, so that’s a source of confusion too.

But again, these issues barely scratch the surface when it comes to what the RH bill is all about.  There’s more to it than the pro and anti group have not presented.

If you read through the comments of the POSTCRIPT column, you will find exactly what the article is telling us not to do….arguing based on hearsay or limited knowledge.

We all have a responsibility to educate ourselves, especially in matters that will affect the state of our country.  If you have the capacity to be on facebook, play DOTA or read this blog, then be responsible and get yourself educated on the RH bill.

LaraThinks: It’s not cool to be ignorant, and it’s stupidity to make an argument based on that ignorance.

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R.H. Bill get past the House Committee Level

Maybe the R.H. bill got itself a shiny new tail – “responsible parenthood” to please the Catholic Church, but CBCP still threatens to walk out of its dialogue with Malacanang re the R.H. Bill.  What gives?

I can understand why “responsible parenthood” is more acceptable to the church that “reproductive health”.  It still boils down to the battle between natural and artificial family planning methods.

What I don’t understand is how the Catholic church could impose upon all the citizens of the Philippines the teachings of their church.  They are “thinking” of pulling out of the talks because Malacanang doesn’t get them?  Hmmmmm….. Uh, what about the other non-Catholic citizens?

For real, when did the church start getting such a special say in the legislation of this country?  I believe that the Catholic church’s main responsibility is to make sure that its brethren know its doctrine, understand it, and are inspired to make a decision based on the belief of those doctrine.

Meanwhile, it’s the government’s responsibility to make lives better for its citizenry – adequate food, water, shelter, clothing, education, work, health.

*Lara thinks that there is a reason for the separation of church and state


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The Reproductive Health Bill

The R.H. Bill was an issue hiding in the sidelines, known to some but has     remained just another obscure issue to the majority of the almost 100M Filipinos. The issue surfaced into consciousness via Carlos Celdran’s Damaso stint at the Manila Cathedral.  The anti-R.H. Bill campaign went into full swing and every catholic coming to receive the sacrament of the Holy Mass was subjected to sermons from the Catholic Church about the devil that is the R.H. Bill (like EVERY SINGLE DAY of the 9-day midnight mass!).

Being both a Catholic and a Nurse makes it a little hard to take a solid position.  On the one hand, I am bound by my faith to follow the doctrines of the Catholic Church.   On the other hand, my sworn duty as a nurse makes me look at the health angle and how this issue affects the person and the nation.

The R.H. Bill’s main purpose is to improve the quality of life by curtailing the population explosion through the promotion of reproductive health.

The Senate and Congress bills identically defined Reproductive Health as:

the rights of individuals and couples, to decide freely and responsibly whether or not to have children; the number, spacing and timing of their children; to make other decisions concerning reproduction free of discrimination, coercion and violence; to have the information and means to do so; and to attain the highest standard of sexual and reproductive health

The Philippines ranks as the 12th most populated country in the world with a birth rate of 25.68 per 1000 citizens and an infant mortality rate of 19.94 deaths per 1,000 live births .  The number of unemployed, underemployed and migration continue to rise, so does the expenditure for food, education, medicine and infrastructure. Meanwhile, the Reproductive health bill was forced to staleness for several presidential terms, the first proposal being in 1998.  Currently, there are 6 different bills filed in the Congress and 1 in the Senate. And while the debate continues about the boons and banes of the R.H. Bill, the Philippine (2010 estimate) population growth rate was pegged at 1.931%, ranking #63 in the world, and in close proximity with Syria, Honduras, Ghana and Tajikstan.

The CIA World Factbook has this to say about the population growth rate:

The growth rate is a factor in determining how great a burden would be imposed on a country by the changing needs of its people for infrastructure (e.g., schools, hospitals, housing, roads), resources (e.g., food, water, electricity), and jobs. Rapid population growth can be seen as threatening by neighboring countries.

Lara says: to be continued…

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