Reflecting on the years past

repost from facebook notes June 23, 2011

There is a story that I like to tell….my first day in grad school.

So there I was, sitting in my “Theories in Nursing” class, the instructor going trough the syllabus.  I must have tuned out because the next thing I heard was the deadline for our first paper for the term, a 5-page concept paper.  I looked at the sea of eager students and I sensed that they were all in the same page with the instructor.  I, on the other hand, was on the verge of a panic attack.  “Concept paper?  WTH?!”

You see, this was ten years after I did anything remotely academic in nature.  After graduation, passing my RN boards and a short stint in the hospital, I refused to use my brain any longer.  For 7 years, my work was routine, from day-to-day, I delivered a spiel.  And if my boss thought I did any thinking and planning at all on how to achieve my quota, he was mistaken.  I was lazily going through life, mentally, that is.  My ultimate goal was to get a job that required no thinking at all.  I stopped writing altogether, not an essay, nor a short story, nor a poem.  Not even one line of a quote. I wasn’t even reading anything.

When the international doors opened anew for nurses, and the people in my circle started leaving one by one, I got apprehensive.  I didn’t want to go back to nursing.  By God, how could I?  I could still do vital signs, but most of my nursing knowledge were either forgotten or had gone obsolete.  But I also could not stay where I was, knowing that there’s something better out there.  It was a struggle.  I scanned through every ad, looking for the perfect way to ease back into nursing, one that will not give me a splash of cold water.  And then it came, a US work-study program.

From the moment I saw the ad, I knew it was perfect.  But it was also too good to be true, I had my doubts.  I went for it anyway.  Long story short, I flew to San Antonio Texas, with $70 in my pocket, a credit card that had minimal credit limit, a contact number that has been changed, and a pretend optimism.  I figured I could just wing it, the way I winged my undergrad, get an MSN degree, earn a little and go from there.  Boy was I so wrong!

So that fateful day in August, when I sat in class almost biting away all my fingernails, the “verge” became a full-blown panic attack.  I didn’t talk at all on the way home, and as soon as we got into the apartment, I hid in my room and scolded myself.  “WTF did you get yourself into?”  I cried myself to sleep that night, thinking about how I can not allow myself go home a failure.

The next day though, I found a friend that would help me conquer the uncertainty – the internet.  Before that day, the internet and I were only acquaintances.  Save for email, I have never come to really appreciate its power.  All day I searched for examples of a concept paper, and when I was satisfied about my newly gained knowledge, I started to write.  I never stopped writing since.

Through this experience, I befriended yet another that would make my life in graduate school easier – the library.  My whole academic life before this, I have entered the library one time, and it was not even for studying or researching.  It just happened to be a meeting place.  But, oh, how we bonded through grad school.

I was happy to be writing again, and was ecstatic at having valuable resources at my fingertips.  I probably called in at least ten times, favoring writing over earning some $$$$.  If I could write instead of go to work, I was a happy girl.

LaraThinks: to be continued


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Egg Nutrition and Heart Disease

Egg Nutrition and Heart Disease – Harvard Health Publications.


In response to Jill’s comment, I am posting this article from the Harvard Health Publications.

Although I have an interest in articles that I “press”, I am not 100% endorsing them. My primary  “pressing” motivation for articles from the internet in in sharing what I have read. In the same manner, not because it says “Harvard”, it means we should put our 100% trust on this article either.


Lara says: you decide whether you will believe

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The #1 best protein for your health (and the worst to avoid) – Food on Shine


“Science shows that eliminating or cutting back on meat may improve blood pressure, decrease your risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol and help better manage your weight.”


“The United Nations recently determined that livestock is one of the top contributors to the world’s most serious environmental problems. Going meatless can reduce water pollution, waste and greenhouse gases, and save energy, land and water.”

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Kobe Bryant takes Manila by storm anew | Inquirer Sports

Kobe Bryant is a TAMARAW!

the honorary TAMARAW!

Kobe Bryant donned an FEU jersey during his latest visit to Manila

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A Filipino Welcome to the First Malaysian Astronaut

first Malaysian astronaut Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor is also an orthopedic surgeon and a part time model!



LaraThinks: Oye, HOT!

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This Billboard Absorbs Air Pollutants!

Coca-Cola Plant Billboard Absorbs Air Pollution (by Huffington Post).

This is but a little billboard amidst the massive air pollution hovering over EDSA.  But it’s a start.  Hopefully more companies will follow suit.


LaraThinks: How’s about lining EDSA with these earth saving billboards?

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The Reproductive Health Bill (again!)

Today’s POSTCRIPT made me smile.  For all the debate against and for RH bill, what’s really missing is the most important part: knowing what the RH bill is all about!  As Mr. Pascual put it, you can only have an intelligent debate if you’re arguing based on what you have learned reading the ENTIRE RH bill.

The RH bill is 15 pages long.  It’s not a lot to read if you’re trying to argue why this bill should be made into a law or not.  Unfortunately, most arguments come from only reading, or knowing snippets of the document, mostly only what those with interest are willing to share in order to get you to their side.

The RH bill is more than just giving out free condoms and contraceptives.  There’s also using taxpayer’s money to buy them. But why the strong resistance to doing that?  The free condoms and contraceptives can make those who cannot afford them be responsible about planning their family.  If they planned their family, the whole economy benefits!  That means those who paid their taxes get to reap the rewards of slowing down the population growth as well.  I believe everybody will agree that a 600,000 increase in population in just 4 months is too much for a country struggling to get its bearings.

It’s not even about abortion, except the Church has a different meaning of abortion from healthcare, so that’s a source of confusion too.

But again, these issues barely scratch the surface when it comes to what the RH bill is all about.  There’s more to it than the pro and anti group have not presented.

If you read through the comments of the POSTCRIPT column, you will find exactly what the article is telling us not to do….arguing based on hearsay or limited knowledge.

We all have a responsibility to educate ourselves, especially in matters that will affect the state of our country.  If you have the capacity to be on facebook, play DOTA or read this blog, then be responsible and get yourself educated on the RH bill.

LaraThinks: It’s not cool to be ignorant, and it’s stupidity to make an argument based on that ignorance.

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