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The Reproductive Health Bill (again!)

Today’s POSTCRIPT made me smile.  For all the debate against and for RH bill, what’s really missing is the most important part: knowing what the RH bill is all about!  As Mr. Pascual put it, you can only have an intelligent debate if you’re arguing based on what you have learned reading the ENTIRE RH bill.

The RH bill is 15 pages long.  It’s not a lot to read if you’re trying to argue why this bill should be made into a law or not.  Unfortunately, most arguments come from only reading, or knowing snippets of the document, mostly only what those with interest are willing to share in order to get you to their side.

The RH bill is more than just giving out free condoms and contraceptives.  There’s also using taxpayer’s money to buy them. But why the strong resistance to doing that?  The free condoms and contraceptives can make those who cannot afford them be responsible about planning their family.  If they planned their family, the whole economy benefits!  That means those who paid their taxes get to reap the rewards of slowing down the population growth as well.  I believe everybody will agree that a 600,000 increase in population in just 4 months is too much for a country struggling to get its bearings.

It’s not even about abortion, except the Church has a different meaning of abortion from healthcare, so that’s a source of confusion too.

But again, these issues barely scratch the surface when it comes to what the RH bill is all about.  There’s more to it than the pro and anti group have not presented.

If you read through the comments of the POSTCRIPT column, you will find exactly what the article is telling us not to do….arguing based on hearsay or limited knowledge.

We all have a responsibility to educate ourselves, especially in matters that will affect the state of our country.  If you have the capacity to be on facebook, play DOTA or read this blog, then be responsible and get yourself educated on the RH bill.

LaraThinks: It’s not cool to be ignorant, and it’s stupidity to make an argument based on that ignorance.


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